(Poster created by Alisa Dozorceva)

11 mins, 2020 - Currently in Post-production
Directed by Ekaterina Saiapina, written by Laurence McManus
"There must always be three, no more should we see"
In a world where garden aesthetics decide a home-owner's position within the social hierarchy, three haggard, world-weary garden gnomes fear their place in the garden may be under threat. Following her eldest gnome's death, Belinda orders in a brand-new gnome, Tony, a suave and cocksure provocateur intent on sewing further divisions between her and the living stonework. 
starring: Becky Black, Alexander Gordon, Clare Almond, Benjamin Anthony
DOP: Charlie Ditcham

producer: Jessica Benson
production manager: Daniel Garland

1st AD: Alessandro Montalbano Gucciardo
production designer: Rowan Wolowacz
costume designer and makeup: Suzie Sherbert
editor: Kierian O'Hare
The film is still adapting to the post-production upheaval brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will enter festival in circulation late 2021, culminating in a 2022 online release.